Woman claims dangerous property was cause of injury

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A fair share of New Jersey residents have suffered injuries on other peoples’ properties. Some of these injuries may truly be accidental in nature; others, though, may be the result of dangerous property conditions. If an injury is believed to have been caused due to negligence on the part of a property owner, legal action may be pursued to seek compensation for any losses sustained.

Currently, a legal claim is working its way through the court system in another state for just this type of issue. A woman has filed a lawsuit against a condo association after she says she was injured while on the property under its care. According to her complaint, her foot was mangled after an automatic door slammed shut on the appendage. The plaintiff claims the association responsible for maintaining property grounds failed to properly inspect and repair the gate before it caused harm to anyone.

The plaintiff hopes to receive compensation for the multiple losses she claims to have sustained as a result of this incident, including pain and suffering, distress and medical expenses. She is seeking damages of up to $50,000. It was not reported how the condo association has responded to the victim’s claims.

New Jersey residents who have suffered injuries due to dangerous property conditions may seek compensation for any losses encountered as result. Premises liability claims may be filed in civil court against property owners or, as in this case, those deemed liable for maintaining property grounds. If litigation is successful, and negligence is adequately established, the court may award the victim financial relief for any damages sustained — both economic and non-economic.

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