1 dead after truck accident in New Jersey

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A recent crash in northern New Jersey is responsible for the death of one individual. A preliminary investigation into the cause of the truck accident, indicate that the driver of the semi struck an overpass, causing the contents of the truck to hit a passing car. It is unknown if any charges are pending against the driver believed responsible.

The truck accident occurred mid-afternoon in Rutherford. According to local police, the driver of a big rig hit a bridge on Route 3. The impact of the collision forced a container off the truck which ultimately crushed a passing car. Initially, the driver of the car was reported to have serious injuries, but he or she died a short time after the incident.

It is unknown if the truck driver was injured in the incident, as few details were released about this individual. Westbound Route 3 was closed for quite a awhile after the accident. This closure was necessary to allow local authorities and clean up crews to further investigate and manage the scene. At this time, the reason why the trucker struck the bridge has not been identified.

A truck accident like this, that results in fatality, is not something that the victim’s family will ever be able to forget. Losing a loved one due to the negligence of another results in emotional and financial damages that can be quite significant and difficult to overcome. In this particular case, the decedent’s family may seek legal recourse. Wrongful death and survival actions claims can be filed in a New Jersey civil court. If the truck driver and/or his or her employer are found liable for the victim’s injuries and death, a monetary judgment will likely be awarded to surviving family members.

Source: CBS New York, “Deadly Tractor-Trailer Crash Shuts Down Route 3 WB In Rutherford“, June 8, 2015


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