John Nash and wife killed in New Jersey car crash

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One of the greatest mathematicians of our time, Mr. John Nash, and his wife were killed in an accident in New Jersey. Investigators are still looking into the car crash. At this time, charges have not been filed against the driver believed responsible for the tragedy.

Near the end of May, the driver of the taxi in which Mr. Nash — 86-years-old — and his wife, Alicia — 82-years-old — were riding somehow lost control of the vehicle. The taxi ultimately hit another car and the guard rail. It is was reported that the force of impact caused both passengers to be ejected from the car. The deaths of both Mr. and Mrs Nash were pronounced at the site of the crash.

The taxi driver was airlifted to a hospital for the treatment of unspecified injuries. The driver of the other automobile was also taken to a medical facility for neck pain following the incident. Few other details have been made available.

John and Alicia Nash both endured many difficult things throughout their life together, but their story is certainly one that inspires hope and possibility. While the loss of the couple will be felt by many, this terrible tragedy is, undoubtedly, taking a significant toll on the victims’ surviving family members. If desired, filing wrongful death claims in a New Jersey civil court on behalf of each victim may — if successfully litigated — provide financial relief for any personal economic losses this car crash has created. Taking this action may also grant the family with a small sense of closure.

Source: CNN, “‘Beautiful Mind’ mathematician John Nash dies in crash“, Emanuella Grinberg and Kristina Sgueglia, May 24, 2015


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