New Jersey work injury: repetitive movements and back injuries

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For a significant number of New Jersey residents, going to work most days of the week means having to perform repetitive tasks and movements on a frequent basis. Over time, certain movements — when consistently repeated — can lead to a work injury if proper precautions are not taken. However, even with taking preventative measures some motions can simply put too much stress on the body. What few employees may realize is that on-the-job injuries tied to repetitive motions may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

There are many different injuries which occur at work that can be tied to frequently repeated movements. Injuries to the back can be some of the worst, however. Between heavy lifting or having to sit behind a desk all day, back injuries can affect people in all fields of work, and the resulting damage can have a drastic impact on a person’s quality of life.

Several factors can increase the odds of a person experiencing a work-related back injury. Some of these include posture, the amount of force used to move an object, muscle fatigue from repeated motions and other lifestyle components. Employers can help prevent injuries by supplying proper equipment and educating their staff members.

Employees, whether residing in New Jersey or elsewhere, who have suffered injuries due to repetitive movements at their places of work can seek compensation for their losses. Workers’ compensation benefits can help these individuals get the medical attention needed to hopefully make full recoveries and to provide income while unable to work. Others may be so severely affected, though, that disability benefits may also need to be sought. Assistance is available to help those who have suffered a work injury get the help they need, and to seek fair compensation for their injuries through legal means.

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