3 vehicles involved in serious car crash in New Jersey

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An accident in New Jersey on July 20 had a major impact on early morning traffic, causing significant delays at what is usually a very busy intersection. The car crash is said to have involved multiple vehicles. It is believed that several people suffered injuries in the wreck.

According to a recent report, an accident that occurred in Bellmawr around 5 a.m. resulted in multiple injuries. The exact number of people injured was not specified, and the extent of the afflictions each individual endured is unknown. In total, three vehicles were involved in this collision, one of which rolled and came to a stop on its roof.

Police have not yet indicated what may have led to this accident. The intersection was closed for some time as authorities, medics and clean up crews tended to the scene. At this time, it has not been reported whether charges are pending against any of the drivers involved.

While the type of injuries suffered were not reported, those typically suffered in a collision such as this can be quite severe, and often require extensive medical treatments and rehabilitation. After investigators are able to determine what happened, the victims of this car crash may be entitled to pursue legal actions against the person deemed responsible for the wreck. Taking this step, which must be based upon proof of negligence, will allow the victims to seek compensation for any and all documented damages that are deemed recoverable in accordance with the laws of New Jersey. These might include medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages — among various others.

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