Child injured in multi-vehicle car crash in New Jersey

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Nobody ever wants a motor vehicle accident to occur on a busy New Jersey roadway since it can result in injuries or even death. It is especially tragic when a child is injured in a car crash. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happened in a recent collision.

The Camden County accident occurred one morning in late June. Reportedly, it involved six vehicles. The chain reaction collision initiated in a northbound lane of Route 73 at approximately 6:30 a.m. Apparently, a truck sideswiped a van and then continued to crash into a Mini Cooper as well as another car. The impact caused the second car to crash into another vehicle which was stopped in traffic.

In turn, that vehicle was propelled into the vehicle in front of it, which was also stopped in traffic. An adult and a child were airlifted to a local medical facility. Ambulances transported four adults to nearby hospitals in order to receive treatment for their injuries. The specific injuries and the current conditions of the victims were not reported. Charges, if any, are pending the official accident investigation.

New Jersey law enforcement investigators will likely continue to work to determine exactly what caused the multi-vehicle car crash. The four adults may want to follow the progress of the investigation since evidence discovered may be of use in future personal injury lawsuits. The family of the injured child may also want to monitor the situation for the same reason. In order to prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, it will be necessary to establish that the injuries suffered were the result of the negligence of another party or parties to the accident.

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