Legal recourse for a construction work injury

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Construction workers in New Jersey and elsewhere have difficult and often dangerous jobs. Various injuries are experienced by individuals who work in this field, some of which have fatal consequences. When one suffers a work injury it is not uncommon to wonder if he or she may have legal recourse beyond filing a workers’ compensation claim. To determine this, the circumstances surrounding the incident will have to be thoroughly investigated.

There are many different causes for construction accidents. These, of course, will vary based upon the type of construction in which one is involved. Common causes tend to include:

  • Falling objects
  • Falls
  • Equipment malfunction or failure
  • Fires
  • Backovers
  • Repetitive movement injuries

These and other forms of work-related accidents can result in injuries that vary in severity. Mild, moderate, severe and fatal injuries all come at a cost to the victim and his or her family members. In those accidents that are not fatal, the injuries suffered may only result in the need for a short break from work in order to recover or can be on the more severe end and result in disability and the inability to return to one’s place of employment. No matter how severe an injury, employees and — in the event of fatality — family members can claim workers’ compensation in order to receive medical help and cover expenses.

There are instances in which some will feel they were not appropriately compensated for their losses. These individuals may have legal recourse. Claims may be filed against employers and insurance companies in order to seek fair and full compensation. Other legal claims may also be filed in a New Jersey civil court depending on the cause of a work injury, and if employer negligence is believed to have contributed.

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