New Jersey animal bite: Father and daughter injured by pit bull

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It was recently reported that a pit bull attacked and injured a man and his daughter as the two were walking to the child’s elementary school. As an animal bite can result in serious injury and lead to infection if not treated swiftly and appropriately, both victims were provided medical care at a nearby care facility. Police in New Jersey shot and killed the dog shortly after the attack.

The incident occurred on Oct. 9, in Bayonne. A father and his 5-year-old girl were walking in a neighborhood on the way to her local elementary school when they were both attacked by the pit bull. The dog had apparently gotten out of the owner’s yard because the backyard gate had been left open. According to reports, the dog’s owner and a bystander attempted to pull the animal from the victims and were also injured in the attack.

The little girl is said to have suffered a deep wound on her head and punctures on at least one of her arms. The injuries suffered by the others were not specified. All were released after treatment at the hospital on the same day.

When an animal bite does occur, the animal’s owner may be held responsible for any resulting damages. In this particular case, the victims — including the father, child and bystander — may all seek compensation for any losses this attack may have created. These losses may include medical expenses, pain and suffering and mental anguish — among numerous others. In accordance with the laws of New Jersey, the victims of this attack may file personal injury claims in efforts to achieve both economic and non-economic damages, which may be awarded based upon the fact that New Jersey is known as a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites.

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