New Jersey truck accident: Unsecured cargo a public safety threat

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Commercial haulers of all sizes are frequently seen on roads across New Jersey. The demand for consumer goods is relatively high right now — thanks to improvements in the economy — which has positively impacted the trucking industry as a whole. Unfortunately, with an increase in semis and other commercial vehicles comes concerns about public safety. A truck accident can occur for a number of reasons, one being that cargo has not been properly secured.

Trucking companies must follow very strict rules and regulations. Federal guidelines have been put in place in order to protect company owners, their employees and the general public. Those who fail to ensure that their businesses are in full compliance with these federal regulations may face legal actions that could have a significant impact on their bottom lines.

Cargo securement and weight restrictions are just a few rules included in the federal guidelines. Currently, according to securement rules, only the use of approved tie downs is permitted. These are to be attached to the proper anchor points, and the weight of the cargo is to be used to determine the number of ties that are required. If these regulations are not followed, shifts in cargo can lead to truck balance issues, cause loads to fall from trucks or lead to various other issues that can cause accidents.

If cargo securement regulations are not properly followed, the risk of a truck accident occurring increases significantly. Those in New Jersey who have been injured or lost loved ones in such accidents may pursue legal actions against trucking companies and the drivers believed responsible. If compliance or other issues can be established successfully in court, compensation for any and all recoverable damages may be awarded.

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