New Jersey work comp: 3 injured in auto accident

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In New Jersey, two police officers and one truck driver were injured when their vehicles collided. This accident occurred just days before Christmas in Mendham. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the crashed. As all three victims were on duty at the time of the collision, each may be entitled to work comp benefits which could certainly prove helpful during their recoveries.

According to a report, the officers were on evening patrol when their squad car collided with a semi trailer. The vehicles are said to have hit head-on. Everyone involved in the wreck sustained injuries, though the extent of the injuries suffered in unknown. All three victims were transported to an area hospital for treatment; their current conditions have not been reported.

This incident is still under investigation by the Morris County Prosecutor’s office. It is unknown if either driver will be charged for the crash. At this time, authorities are trying to determine if this accident was weather-related, as it was foggy the night that it occurred.

When an employee is injured on the job, he or she is likely to face a number of difficulties during the treatment and recovery process — such as financial, physical and emotional struggles. Work comp benefits are in place to help reduce the stress of such issues so that the injured can focus on rehabilitation and getting life back to normal. Unfortunately, fair and full compensation may not be granted immediately. With legal assistance, those in New Jersey who have been injured while on the job can fight for the coverage and compensation appropriate for their needs.

Source: CBS New York, “2 Police Officers Injured When Police Vehicle Crashes Into Truck In Mendham, N.J.“, Dec. 22, 2015


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