Can I seek compensation after an animal bite?

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In accordance with the laws of New Jersey, when one has been injured in an animal attack, he or she may be entitled to seek compensation. The animal type may matter when filing an animal bite personal injury claim, though. What are the general guidelines surrounding these types of cases?

When it comes to animal bites, dog bites are some of the most commonly seen. Pet owners can certainly be held responsible. This is because New Jersey holds to strict liability laws, meaning that pet owners, whether they have knowledge of their animals aggressive behaviors or not, can be held accountable for any resulting damages.

For injuries caused by horses or other domestic animals, owners may be held responsible if they knew about the animals dangerous tendencies and failed to take appropriate actions to protect others. When it comes to wild animals, again, strict liability laws come into play, and owners may be held accountable even if care was taken to help prevent injuries from occurring. Of course, as is true for most animal bite/injury cases, compensation may be denied if the victim is found to have provoked the animal. This is something that is known as contributory negligence.

A victim of an animal bite or other injury can seek guidance from legal counsel in order to determine if his or her case meets the qualifications for pursuing compensation in New Jersey. At the end of the day, injuries caused by animals can be damaging physically, emotionally and financially. By taking legal actions, an animal bite victim may be able to achieve relief from his or her losses, allowing him or her to focus on recovery and moving forward.

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