New Jersey car accident injures 3

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An illegal U-turn is believed responsible for a wreck that injured three people in New Jersey. This car accident occurred on Jan. 1 in East Rutherford. Police are still in the process of investigating the collision.

At around 4 a.m., two cars collided on Route 17. It is believed that a driver in the southbound lane allegedly tried to make a U-turn between the barriers on the road, causing the crash. A total of three people were injured. All were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Their current conditions are unknown; however, it has been reported that their injuries were not considered life threatening.

This incident resulted in the highway being closed for several hours in order for investigators and clean up crews to work the scene. At this time, authorities have not indicated if any criminal charges are pending against the individual believed responsible. No further details regarding this event have been made public.

While little is known about this car accident, what is known is that several people were hurt because of one person’s choices. Those injured in this wreck, whether they were in the second car or passengers in the vehicle of the driver deemed responsible, may have legal recourse. Personal injury claims may be filed in a New Jersey civil court in an effort to seek damages for any losses they may have suffered — such a medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. While these cases can take time to investigate and litigate, monetary judgment may be achieved through attention to detail and successful case management.

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