New Jersey car accident statistics for 2015

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It is that time again, when authorities and state officials review statistics from the previous year. Car accident statistics are in, and while the numbers are not great, authorities say that 2015 showed some improvement compared to 2014. Still, hundreds of people died on New Jersey roads last year.

It was recently reported that, in total, 542 people in the state died as a result of car crashes in 2015. This is believed to be a 3 percent decrease compare to the numbers reported for 2014. The New Jersey State Police Superintendent says that trooper patrols have helped with this reduction. However, statistics are known to fluctuate from year to year.

Along with an increase in trooper patrols, the state has really focused on public safety campaigns. Authorities believe that these have had an impact on driver awareness and have helped reduce the number of fatal accidents. While it is still early into 2016, police are planning increased enforcement and safety campaigns throughout the year in an effort to keep the number of fatal collisions at a minimum.

A big thanks is certainly in order to those working to keep New Jersey streets safe. However, 542 families lost loved ones in fatal auto collisions in 2015 — which is still a significant number. When this type of car accident happens, it is not uncommon for a victim’s surviving family members to suffer in various ways. The losses endured can take their toll; as such, legal actions may be taken in an effort to seek damages for what has been lost. By filing and successfully litigating a claim in civil court, a victim’s surviving family members may achieve a monetary judgment which could help them cover any unexpected expenses resulting from the wreck and allow them to focus on grieving.

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