1 killed in New Jersey car accident

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A New Jersey man has died following a tragic car crash in Hackensack. The car accident occurred in the afternoon on March 31. This incident is still under investigation.

According to reports, a police officer was responding to an auto accident when he collided with the victim’s vehicle at an intersection. The victim — a 67-year-old male — was transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment. Sadly, he later died of his injuries. The patrolman was also injured in the wreck and was transported to the same hospital. His current condition is unknown.

At this time, authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the crash. It was not reported if the police officer was traveling with his lights and sirens activated when the collision occurred. Even if they had been, a certain level of care is required to be taken in order to ensure public safety. The Bergen County Fatal Accident Investigation Unit is still working on this case.

As a result of this terrible car accident, a family is left grieving the loss of a loved one. Not only can such a loss be hard to take emotionally, but the financial consequences can also be devastating. It may be possible for the victim’s family to seek compensation for any resulting damages by pursuing civil actions against the police officer and/or his employer. If a wrongful death and survival actions lawsuit is handled successfully in a New Jersey civil court, this family may be awarded financial relief for the various losses that this incident has caused them.

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