Superintendent dies in New Jersey auto-pedestrian car crash

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A family, school district and community are in mourning over the recent death of a superintendent in New Jersey. His life was claimed in an early morning auto-pedestrian car crash in Robbinsville on April 19. It is believed that a vehicle operated by a high school student struck him while he was out for his morning run.

According to reports, at about 6:15 a.m., the victim — a 52-year-old male — was out for a run near his home when he was hit by a car. The vehicle was being driven by a 17-year-old high school student who, police say, was rushing to the school for a class trip. The victim reportedly died at the scene of the accident, as did his dog which was also hit by the vehicle.

Local authorities are still in the process of investigating this incident. At this time, no charges have been filed against the driver. It is unknown if any charges are possibly pending in this case.

It is not uncommon for an auto-pedestrian car crash to end in fatality, as the human body simply is no match for the size and weight of a moving vehicle. This tragic accident has, undoubtedly, created a number of challenges for the victim’s surviving family members. Per the laws of New Jersey, they may be entitled to compensation for any losses sustained as a result of this incident. Through filing and successfully litigating a wrongful death claim in civil court, financial relief may be achieved which could assist this family as they try to move forward after this terrible event.

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