New Jersey animal bite: Toddler attacked by pit bull

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A young girl in New Jersey required emergency surgery following an animal attack on May 14. According to reports, the child was staying with her grandmother when she was mauled by a pit bull. This is just one case involving an animal bite or attack that occurred recently. Several others were reported to police in April.

In this most recent case, the 3-year-old girl was staying overnight at her grandmother’s home in East Orange. The grandmother had put her two pit bull mixes in the basement during the child’s visit, but they got out, and one attacked the child in an upstairs bedroom. The little girl sustained serious injuries and was transported to a hospital for surgery. The dogs have since been removed from the home.

In other cases, dogs are said to have gotten away from their owners and attacked pedestrians and other animals. The outcomes of these cases are unknown. Police are taking these types of attacks seriously, and the dogs’ owners are likely to be held responsible for any resulting damages experienced by the victims.

In New Jersey and elsewhere, animal bite or attack cases are fairly common. When an animal is out of control and a danger to the community, the pet’s owner has a responsibility to take proper precautions. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and people get hurt, and, when that happens, the animal’s owner may then be liable for the losses experienced by the victim. Victims may seek compensation by filing legal claims in civil court. If successful, monetary relief may be granted for any recoverable losses.

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