New Jersey work injury: UPS driver injured while on the job

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A UPS driver in New Jersey was recently injured after his delivery truck was struck by a dump truck. This incident reportedly occurred in Cedar Grove on May 5. As this incident occurred while the delivery driver was on the job, this is considered a work injury, one for which the victim may utilize workers’ compensation benefits for medical care and recovery costs.

According to reports, a 44-year-old male was driving a dump truck on Pompton Avenue when he hit a UPS truck that was parked, legally, in front of a funeral home. The force of the impact pushed the delivery truck onto the lawn of the funeral home and into the building; however, no structural damage is said to have occurred. The UPS driver was in the back of his truck when the accident happened. As a result, he sustained a serious injury to his leg.

The driver of the dump truck allegedly ran from the scene of the accident. He was, however, found by authorities shortly after the incident occurred. Police claim that the accused was in possession of various controlled substances, including Suboxone, Valium and Seroquel. It is unknown whether any of these substances were in his system at the time of the crash. Currently, he is facing charges for assault by auto, reckless driving and not having a commercial driver’s license.

When one suffers a work injury, the impact on that individual’s life can be dramatic. Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits can help employees get the care and financial relief needed to get them through such difficult times. However, sometimes assistance is needed in order to obtain the full benefit or to pursue legal claims against those deemed responsible work accidents. With the help of legal counsel, injured employees in New Jersey may be able to achieve fair and full compensation for their losses.

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