New Jersey car crash: 2 fatal hit and runs in 24 hours

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Police in New Jersey are looking for the drivers responsible for two hit-and-run accidents. It is not uncommon for an auto-pedestrian car crash to prove fatal, and that is just what happened in each of these tragedies. When the drivers are found, according to state laws, the victims’ surviving loved ones may have legal recourse.

Authorities say that, in a 24 hour period, two individuals were killed in collisions where the drivers deemed responsible fled the scenes. One of the accidents occurred in the evening on Friday, June 24. A 59-year-old male was walking in the area of a local intersection when he was struck by a car. He was swiftly transported to a hospital in Newark, but he died shortly after his arrival. Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident or who has knowledge of it to please come forward.

A 21-year-old male was struck earlier in the day while walking near another intersection. It is unclear whether he died at the scene of the crash or at the hospital. Authorities were able to obtain surveillance photos of the incident and have released information about the vehicle involved to the public. They are asking for assistance in locating the driver.

When a fatal auto-pedestrian car crash occurs, surviving family members can be left feeling helpless, confused and angry. Hopefully, police in New Jersey will be able to find those believed responsible for both of these fatalities so that the victims’ loved ones can seek compensation for their losses. All of this may be accomplished through legal means, if litigation proves successful.

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