Driver charged for fatal hit-and-run car crash

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The man believed responsible for a fatal hit-and-run accident in New Jersey has been arrested and charged for the incident. The auto-pedestrian car crash is said to have occurred in June in the Hoboken area. Authorities were able to identify the driver by using traffic cameras and license plate readers.

According to reports, a 21-year-old male was crossing the road at Sixth Street and Willow Avenue when he was struck by a black SUV. This incident occurred in the early morning hours on June 25. Investigators say that video footage shows the SUV hitting the victim and speeding away. The victim died at the hospital about an hour after the crash.

The driver believed responsible for this wreck is from another state and had to be extradited in order to face charges. This is not his first criminal offense. As of the latest report, bond was set at $100,000. It is unknown if any further court dates to handle this case have been arranged.

When a pedestrian is hit and killed in a car crash and the driver fails to stick around, the victim’s surviving family members are left with a mountain of questions. Coping with the loss when there are so many unknowns can prove extremely difficult. Thankfully, in this case, the individual deemed responsible has been identified and is facing criminal charges for his actions. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, the victim’s family may also pursue civil claims in New Jersey court against this individual in an effort to recoup any recoverable losses they have encountered, seek justice for their loved one and gain some sense of closure following this tragic event.

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