DWI accident in New Jersey kills 1, injures 2

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A single-vehicle crash is currently being investigated by police in New Jersey. According to reports, authorities believe this was a DWI accident. Sadly, one person was killed and the driver and another passenger were injured as a result.

On Sat., Aug. 20, law enforcement officers responded to an accident on I-78 near Clinton Township. The driver of a minivan — a 35-year-old woman — reportedly lost control of her vehicle, causing it to roll several times before coming to a stop on the side of the road. One of her passengers — a 32-year-old male — was thrown from the car and died at the accident scene. Another passenger, a teenage boy, suffered serious injuries, and he was flown to a medical center for treatment. His current condition has not been reported.

The driver is said to also have suffered injuries in the wreck, though, the extent of her injuries was not reported. She has since been charged with DWI. It is unknown if any other charges are pending in this case.

When one is a victim of a DWI accident or — in the event of fatality — the surviving family members of such a victim, moving forward can seem rather challenging. There may be physical, monetary and/or even emotional setbacks that can make recovery or coping with the loss of a loved one difficult to bear. In accordance with the laws of New Jersey, those negatively affected by this particular accident may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. This can be done by filing the appropriate legal claims in civil court. Through successful litigation, monetary judgments may be achieved.

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