New Jersey premises liability: Millions awarded in Target case

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For consumers in New Jersey and elsewhere, it is reasonable to expect that one will be safe from harm when visiting a business establishment. Unfortunately, things happen, and those injured are left to wonder: who is responsible? Recently, a woman in another state won her premises liability injury case against the giant retailer, Target. This is a case that may be interesting to others across the country who have been hurt on business property.

According to a recent news story, a woman was awarded nearly $5 million in her case against Target. The plaintiff claimed that her 8-year-old daughter found and picked up a hypodermic needle in the store’s parking lot. In the mother’s attempt to get the needle away from her child, the needle stuck her in the hand. She was then forced to go through testing for HIV and hepatitis, as well as take medication for the potential risk of HIV infection. This event was not only emotionally difficult, but it also cost the victim and her family a great deal in medical expenses and lost wages.

Initially, the plaintiff wanted to settle the case for a total of $12,000 — enough to cover her financial losses. However, Target refused and the case went to trial. A jury then sided with the victim. Target, of course, plans to appeal.

Those in New Jersey who have suffered injuries while visiting places of business make seek legal assistance in pursing the proper civil actions against those believed responsible for their losses. Premises liability cases can be difficult and time consuming to fight. However, if one believes that a property owner or business establishment is responsible for his or her injuries, the time may be well-worth it.

Source: USA Today, “Woman stuck by needle in Target in parking lot awarded $4.6 million“, Nikie Mayo, Sept. 11, 2016


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