New Jersey car crash: Bus hits and kills child

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A child in New Jersey recently lost his life after being struck by a bus while walking to school. The 11-year-old boy is said to have suffered a serious head injury after being hit and dragged by the bus. This auto-pedestrian car crash reportedly occurred in Jersey City the morning of October 14.

According to reports, the child was walking to school, just like every other school day, when he was hit by a jitney bus at Kennedy Boulevard and Neptune Avenue. The bus driver was supposedly maneuvering around a parked delivery truck when the vehicle struck the child. The victim was transported to Jersey City Medical Center in critical condition. However, he died shortly after his arrival.

Authorities are still investigating this incident. The bus driver was arrested following the crash and has been charged with causing death and driving on a suspended license. No further details about this case have been reported.

Following a fatal car crash, it is normal for the victim’s family members to have questions and want answers. If it is believed that negligent actions on part of the bus driver contributed to the death of the child, the victim’s surviving family members may be entitled to pursue civil claims against him and/or his employer in order to seek compensation for their losses. Through the successful litigation of a wrongful death claim, a New Jersey civil court may award a monetary judgment for any and all damages that are deemed recoverable in accordance with the laws of the state.

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