New Jersey work comp: Officer injured while helping at car crash

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A police officer in New Jersey was injured recently while attempting to rescue two individuals after they were involved in what turned out to be a fatal auto accident. This tragic event occurred in Union County, on Oct. 15. As the injuries occurred while the officer was on-duty, he or she may file to receive work comp benefits to assist in the recovery process.

According to a recent news report, two vehicles somehow crashed on Route 27, in Roselle. Investigators still are not quite sure exactly what happened. However, authorities have stated that the drivers of both vehicles were headed in the same direction when one somehow collided with a utility pole and the other struck the side of a vacant building. Sadly, both drivers died from their injuries — one at the scene of the crash and the other at an area hospital.

Shortly after the crash occurred, one of the police officers who arrived on scene was injured while trying to rescue the drivers. The injuries suffered are said to be quite serious. However, no other details about this incident have been reported.

For police officers in New Jersey and elsewhere, getting hurt while on the job is an all too common occurrence. Thankfully, these individuals do have the right to file for work comp benefits which can aid in their recoveries. Those who find it a struggle to receive full benefits after suffering a work injury can seek legal assistance in fighting for maximum compensation. With the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, the appropriate actions can be taken so that this may be accomplished. For those who also may be able to file third-party civil claims in order to seek further compensation, assistance may also be provided in filing and litigating any applicable legal actions.

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