Tracy Morgan truck accident driver receives new court date

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Traffic along New Jersey highways can be heavy at times. Cars, trucks, 18 wheelers and other vehicles often speed down the roadway in a hurry to get to their final destination. Heavy traffic requires that drivers be alert and pay attention to their speed in an effort to avoid a serious accident such as the truck accident in which Tracy Morgan was injured in 2014.

Investigative reports indicate that the truck driver was speeding when he crashed into traffic in front of him. The initial crash was into Morgan’s limousine van, and this set off a series of other crashes that included another four vehicles. One of the occupants of Morgan’s limousine was killed and others, including Morgan, were injured.

In addition to speeding, reports also indicate that the truck driver had been driving for at least 13 hours prior to the crash, and he had not slept in over 25 hours. Driving for extended periods of time and lack of sleep can both cause one to not be as alert as necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle. This driver has been charged with vehicular homicide, and a new trial date has been set in one of New Jersey’s Superior Courts.

A truck accident such as this can have devastating consequences for all involved. Many times, these accidents result in the loss of life; other times, these accidents cause serious injury. Regardless, the individual and/or family will face mounting medical and financial needs in addition to the emotional turmoil. Experienced counsel is often necessary to assist in pursuing available legal options.

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