It is not uncommon for a DUI accident to result in fatality

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Impaired drivers can be found on roads in New Jersey and all across the country every single day. While some of them are able to reach their destinations without harming themselves or others, many of them are involved in accidents that often have serious — if not fatal — outcomes. When a DUI accident happens, victims or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members may have legal recourse.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Americans take an average of 233 billion car trips every single year. It is believed that, one of every two thousand of those is taken by a driver who is impaired by alcohol. While that may not seem like very many, one-third of all traffic fatalities are attributed to drunk driving — which is far from insignificant.

Along with the thousands of fatalities that occur every year due to impaired driving, even more individuals are injured in DUI-related auto accidents. In fact, every two minutes, someone is injured in a collision with an impaired driver. Many of the drivers deemed responsible for these accidents are repeat offenders.

Sadly, even though impaired drivers are punished in criminal court for their actions, this does not seem to stop the behavior. Until these individuals choose to stop getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, thousands of innocent people will continue to lose their lives or loved ones in accidents that are so easily preventable. New Jersey residents who are negatively affected by drunk driving accidents may seek compensation for their losses. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, following a DUI accident, personal injury, wrongful death and any other applicable claims may be filed in civil court against the driver deemed responsible in an effort to seek damages.

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