4 injured in drunk driving accident in New Jersey

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The driver believed responsible for a wreck with injuries in New Jersey was arrested and charged for the incident. Authorities claim that this individual was driving under the influence at the time of the crash. Those injured in this drunk driving accident may be entitled to seek compensation for any losses they have sustained as a result.

On the evening of Dec. 1, a 48-year-old male is said to have caused a car accident involving a total of five automobiles. The details of the incident have not been released. Police have said that at least four people suffered injuries as a result of the wreck. It is unknown if any of the victims required transportation to the hospital.

The individual deemed responsible was arrested shortly after police arrived at the accident scene. Authorities say that he refused a breath test. He has been charged with DWI, breath test refusal and reckless driving. The accused has already been released from police custody and has a court hearing scheduled for Dec. 11.

The injuries suffered by the victims in this case were reported to be minor in nature. However, even those injuries that may seem like nothing at first can progress and have serious, long-lasting consequences. In accordance with the laws of New Jersey, the victims of this drunk driving accident may file civil claims against the driver believed responsible in an effort to recoup any financial losses that they have endured. They may also seek compensation for any physical and emotional damages stemming from the incident.

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