New Jersey car crash: 2 buses collide, injuring 19

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In the morning of Monday, Jan. 16, two buses — a school bus and a transit bus — collided in East Brunswick. A total of 19 people were injured in the car crash, most of them were children. New Jersey police are still in the process of investigating this incident.

According to local reports, a commuter bus had come to a stop on Route 18 in order to let a passenger off when it was struck from behind by a school bus. The driver of the school bus was supposedly in the process of changing lanes and claims to not have seen the transit but come to a stop. At this time, authorities have not filed charges against either of the drivers.

Both drivers were uninjured in the event. However, 15 children on the school bus and four adults on the commuter did suffer injuries and were all transported to the hospital. One child is said to have suffered a broken leg. Few other details about this incident have been reported.

When a car crash occurs, the resulting damages — whether they be physical, emotional or financial — can be great. Those injured in this wreck may, according to the state of New Jersey, have legal recourse. Personal injury claims may be filed against the driver believed responsible for the crash and his or her employer in an effort to recoup any damages sustained. Through successful litigation, or even possibly out-of-court negotiations, monetary relief may be achieved which can help the victims and their families focus on recovery and moving forward.

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