Child’s critical injuries blamed on drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drinking and driving is likely more common at night or in the early morning hours. However, a drunk driving accident can occur without warning at any time of day or night. One New Jersey family experienced this in the worst way when a beloved child suffered severe injuries in an accident.

According to the police, the wreck involved several cars and happened around 6 on a weeknight. A minivan, in which the child was a passenger, was struck from the rear by a passenger vehicle. The impact forced the van into the cars that were traveling ahead of it. The car that touched off the wreck wound up in the parking area of a nearby home.

Rescue workers reported that the young child was unresponsive. He was tended to until he was transported to a medical facility best equipped to treat his critical injuries. Police subsequently arrested the woman who caused the accident for driving impaired as well as reckless operation of her vehicle.

New Jersey officials could not provide any further details concerning the child’s medical status. This apparent drunk driving accident involved a total of five vehicles and may have changed one family forever. It is unknown whether the 9-year-old child will make a full recovery from his injuries; in the least, it appears he may require extensive therapy and rehabilitation. His family has every right to consult with a personal injury attorney in order to file a civil suit against the woman believed responsible for causing this horrible accident. If such a lawsuit is successful, then the family may be able to provide all that the child will need as well as alleviate the burden that medical bills often impose after such senseless crashes.

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