New Jersey police want distracted driver reports

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In 2010, the number of crashes in one town in New Jersey was approximately 846. However, last year, after efforts to reduce the incidences attributed to a distracted driver, that number was almost cut in half. Now, the state is beginning a new phase in its efforts to eradicate these types of wrecks.

The state recently enhanced its ability to accept reports of aggressive drivers to include phone tips concerning suspected distracted drivers. The same system that took the aggressive driver calls will now also process tips submitted by other travelers concerning a suspected inattentive motorist. If a report contains enough information concerning the make, model and tag number of the driver’s vehicle, police from the closest station will follow up on the tip.

If law enforcement witnesses the behaviors that support a distracted driver description, the driver may receive a summons. In addition, if a caller supplies the tag number, a notification will be sent to the residence of the vehicle owner. New Jersey officials claimed that the number of fatal accidents rose an estimated 8 percent, with many of them purportedly the result of an inattentive driver.

One man, who lost a daughter to a distracted driver, has applauded the state’s efforts. In order to get the word out to the general public, billboard signs and radio ads will be updated to advertise the program. Families who have had a loved one injured or killed as a result of a distracted driver accident may choose to file a personal injury or wrongful death civil suit against the at-fault driver. A favorable ruling may result in compensation that might alleviate the burden imposed by medical bills and lost wages after these often preventable collisions.

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