Drunk driving accident claims life of New Jersey woman

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Fatal motor vehicle accidents can be devastating for families. This is especially true when the collision could have possibly been prevented had someone avoided driving after consuming alcohol. A New Jersey woman was recently killed in one such drunk driving accident.

Police said the woman was traveling north along a local highway when the collision occurred. The driver believed to be at fault is said to have been traveling south when his truck crossed the center median and drove into the northbound lanes where his vehicle struck the victim’s car. Authorities are still investigating at this time.

Tragically, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck was not injured. He has since been charged with aggravated manslaughter, drunken driving, driving while suspended in a crash that resulted in death and vehicular homicide. 

Though criminal charges have been made, the victim’s surviving family may choose to file a civil claim in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver believed to be responsible. If such a claim successfully proves negligence on behalf of a defendant, the claimant may be entitled to receive monetary damages that could be used to pay for medical bills, funeral costs and any other financial expenses related to the crash. Anyone injured in a drunk driving accident or who has lost a loved one in such a manner could consult an experienced New Jersey attorney to learn more about personal injury claims and wrongful death claims. In addition to providing more information, an attorney could assist someone in any related legal proceedings.

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