New Jersey worker suffers serious work injury from power lines

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Electrocution is a real risk that many utility workers in New Jersey and around the country face on a regular basis. Though safety measures are often enforced to prevent such an accident, a work injury may still happen. A worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries after one such incident.

The victim was working in a lift truck when the accident occurred. While the worker was hanging banners on light poles for a private contractor, he somehow came in contact with the nearby power lines. Reports indicate that his lift, which was 20 feet in the air, then caught fire and was soon engulfed in flames.

Emergency responders arrived and had the fire extinguished in roughly 16 minutes. The worker suffered injuries from both electrocution and burns. He was flown to an area hospital for treatment. His current condition is unknown at this time. Power had to be shut off to several thousand homes while the initial investigation took place over the course of several hours. 

When an employee suffers a severe work injury, he or she may be entitled to file for workers’ compensation. This type of claim can provide victims with monetary benefits that could be used to pay for medical bills or any other related expenses, as well as cover lost wages that a person may face. Anyone interested in learning more about such claims could contact an experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney for more information and assistance. Additionally, an attorney could aid in any future related legal proceedings.

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