7 injured in recent New Jersey car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Car Accidents

Due to the significant number of automobiles on the road at any given moment, it is no surprise that accidents occur regularly. However, a car crash is not something to be taken lightly. Collisions often result in property damage and injury for those involved. A recent crash in New Jersey resulted in injuries for several people. 

According to police, a driver in a stolen car slammed into another vehicle while traveling through an intersection. The driver believed to have caused the accident reportedly then fled the scene. Authorities are still searching for the suspect. No other details of the crash have been released at this time.

There were seven occupants in the vehicle that was struck. A child in the car was ejected upon impact and was later flown to the hospital in critical condition. Two other children were taken to another hospital via ambulance. Three others were treated on the scene by emergency medical service workers.

When a victim is injured in a car crash, he or she may be entitled to file a personal injury claim in civil court against any party or parties believed to be responsible. When this type of claim successfully proves negligence on behalf of a defendant, plaintiffs may then be awarded monetary damages that can be used to pay for medical bills or any other expenses related to the collision. Anyone interested in learning more about this type of claim could consult an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney for more information and assistance in filing.

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