Man faces work injury after factory explosion

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Most careers in New Jersey and across the country include some form of risk in their daily activities. An office job may result in an injury over a long period of repetitive actions such as typing, while a more labor intensive job may result in an work injury from a sudden accident involving machinery. An unexpected explosion recently caused injury to a worker in another state.

The accident occurred at a factory that produces cheese. Authorities reported that the worker was in the company auto shop attempting to cut an empty 55-gallon barrel with a cutting torch at the time of the incident. For reasons that are still unclear, this process caused an explosion and caught the shop on fire.

Emergency responders were able to contain the fire to the auto shop, lessening the damage done to the plant. The worker suffered serious injuries, including burns and broken bones affecting his legs, back and face. He was flown to a nearby hospital where is is reportedly now in stable condition. No others were hurt in the explosion.

Workers who are injured on the job are typically entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits. When granted, these benefits can help cover the cost of medical bills and cover lost wages a worker may face. An experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney could assist anyone with a work injury by sharing more information about these types of claims and providing assistance in filing them. Additionally, an attorney could aid in any future related legal proceedings.

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