Recent New Jersey car accident injures 2

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2017 | Car Accidents

There are countless factors that could contribute to a motor vehicle collision. Often, the ultimate cause of a car accident is a distracted driver. When drivers fail to pay attention to their surroundings by texting and driving, driving while intoxicated or even being tired while behind the wheel, accidents resulting in property damage and injury are much more likely to occur. A recent crash in New Jersey left two people injured.

Authorities have released few details of the collision at this time. The crash occurred near exit 137 on the Garden State Parkway in the early afternoon. For reasons that are still unclear, two vehicles collided. Following the impact, both vehicles went into the nearby woods.

Two passengers in one of the vehicles were pinned after the cars stopped. State troopers said that injuries were reported, though none were considered to be life-threatening. Reports do not indicate whether victims were treated at the scene or taken to the hospital. Police are continuing to investigate to determine the ultimate cause of the crash.

Whenever someone is injured in a car accident, he or she may benefit from filing a personal injury claim in civil court against any party or parties believed to be responsible. When these claims successfully prove negligence on behalf of a defendant, the plaintiff may be awarded monetary damages that can be used to help pay for medical bills or any other financial losses related to the collision. Anyone who has suffered an injury in such a manner could consult an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney for more information and assistance.

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