Recent New Jersey big rig hit-and-run results in a fatality

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Accidents between two or more vehicles often result in property damage and may also cause injuries. When a big rig is involved in such a collision, the risk of injury is often much greater and may even result in fatalities. Tragically, one person was killed in a recent New Jersey truck accident.

Police stated that they responded to a call about a collision just after 5 a.m. Reports indicate that a car had been headed northbound on I-295 when a semi struck it from behind. The force of the impact pushed the car off the road, where it then struck a tree and overturned. 

When authorities arrived, they discovered the driver of the car still inside. Tragically, the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver had already left the scene by the time police got there. Officials are still searching for the truck driver. It is likely that he or she will face charges once found.

The death of a loved one is a difficult situation for anyone to face, especially when it might have been prevented. To help cope with the loss, deceased victims’ surviving families may choose to file wrongful death lawsuits in civil court against any party or parties believed to be responsible. When these lawsuits are successfully litigated, plaintiffs are typically awarded monetary judgments that can be used to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs or other expenses related to the crash. Anyone who has lost a loved one due to the negligence of a big rig driver could consult an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney to gain more information and assistance. 

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