Construction worker suffers serious work injury in demolition

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Construction work can be dangerous for New Jersey workers in the industry. Whether caused by equipment failure, lack of safety precautions or other factors, an accident on the job could result in a serious work injury. In addition to the physical suffering a victim may face, he or she may also have to deal with unexpected financial burdens. A worker in a neighboring state was recently injured when a roof collapsed.

Reports indicate that the victim was working with another construction worker at the time of the accident. The men were working to tear down a home. For reasons that are still unclear, the roof of the house collapsed onto the victim. Further details of the incident have yet to be revealed.

The local fire department responded to the emergency. It is unclear what type of injuries the victim suffered, though the fire chief stated that the victim was unconscious when crews managed to free him from the rubble. His current condition is not known at this time. Reports do not indicate that the other worker suffered injuries.

Whatever the cause of a work injury, victims are typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be used to cover lost wages and help pay for the medical bills victims may incur when such claims are successfully presented. Consulting experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys may prove beneficial to anyone in a similar situation. An attorney could provide more information about this type of claim as well as assist in the filing process.

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