New Jersey man killed in car crash while buckling in his child

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Automobile collisions may result from many different factors. Some common causes may be due to drivers who may be distracted or failing to comply with traffic laws. A car crash that results in a fatality may prompt the deceased victim’s family to inquire about their legal options. A New Jersey family is likely examining their options after a man was recently killed by another driver.

Police stated that the victim was outside the South Amboy YMCA when the collision occurred. He was standing outside his car, attempting to secure his child’s seat belt when the driver believed to be responsible crashed into him and his vehicle. Reports indicate that the driver was on his way to pick up his own child at the time.

The victim passed away as a result of his injuries, while his daughter was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The driver was also hospitalized and is in stable condition. Authorities are looking into the possibility that the driver may have had a medical emergency in the minutes prior to the incident. However, the ultimate cause has yet to be determined and police are continuing to investigate.

Though nothing can replace a lost life, families facing similar situations may find some closure through filing wrongful death lawsuits in civil court against anyone believed to be at fault for a car crash. This type of lawsuit may provide plaintiffs with monetary damages that can be used to cover the costs of medical bills, funerals and other documented damages. Those interested in learning more would likely benefit from consulting experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys.

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