New Jersey man killed in recent drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Drunk Driving Accidents

A motor vehicle collision can happen in an instant and may result in property damage, serious injuries or even fatalities. This is particularly true when drivers are distracted, whether due to drowsiness, trying to perform other tasks while driving or being intoxicated. One man was killed and another injured in a recent drunk driving accident in New Jersey.

According to police, only one vehicle was involved in the crash. Two men were traveling in Ocean Township when their vehicle veered off the road. What caused the car to leave the road has yet to be determined. The car then hit multiple objects, including a tree, which stopped it.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital for injuries that were not considered life-threatening. His passenger was also transported to the hospital, though he was tragically pronounced dead upon arrival. The crash is currently under investigation by several agencies, including the city police department, county prosecutor’s office and the Monmouth County Serious Collision Analysis Response Team.

When a victim dies in a car accident, surviving family members may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against any party or parties believed to be responsible. When these claims are successfully litigated, plaintiffs are typically awarded monetary damages that can be used to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs and other related expenses. Anyone who has lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident could consult experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys for more information and for assistance in filing claims.

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