Man dies from work injury

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When a job requires manual work, it is imperative for New Jersey laborers to be aware of their surroundings to ensure safety for themselves and others while the job is being completed. However, when safety measures fail, it can cause a serious work injury or a fatal accident. Unfortunately, a young man recently fell to his death in a nearby state when a safety rail gave way while he was on the job.

The 23-year-old man had been employed with the company for only six months when he came to his untimely death. While working on the inside of a subway station during the early morning hours, the worker was standing in a position between two columns on a wooden safety railing. The railing then snapped underneath his feet, sending him plunging more than 20 feet below.

After the fall, the young man was found by co-workers on the lower level. Emergency crews worked tirelessly to revive the man. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the head injuries that he suffered from the fall. It is unclear when the safety railing was installed or if it was designed to uphold heavyweight. The incident is currently under investigation.

Sadly, in this case, a family lost a loved one due to a serious work injury. Families facing similar situations are typically entitled to workers’ compensation to help cover end-of-life expenses and any lost financial income to help support the family in the future. It may prove beneficial to seek the assistance of an experienced New Jersey attorney, who can provide more information and help file for benefits entitled to the family of the deceased.

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