Construction worker died from work injury

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Large machinery is beneficial when working on a construction site as it can help complete a task quicker and easier than manual labor. However, it also has its risks for those operating or working near the equipment. Regardless of New Jersey safety regulations put in place to avoid a mishap, sometimes an accident occurs that results in a work injury or death. According to reports, almost half of the work fatalities are related to construction.

Unfortunately, a construction worker in a nearby state lost his life after a serious injury when working on the job. The accident occurred mid-afternoon at a resort site that was under construction. The 56-year-old man was taking apart a trench box with an excavator when the accident occurred. The specific cause of the incident is unclear.

According to reports, the worker regained consciousness while still at the scene of the accident. However, once he was taken to the hospital, he soon succumbed to his injuries. State and federal agencies are investigating the accident to determine if there were any safety violations.

Regardless of precautions taken, work-related accidents can still happen because of human error. When one is injured on the job or if a death occurs due to a work injury, there may be worker’s compensation benefits or the victim or the surviving family. A successful filing may help alleviate unexpected financial burdens due to medical bills, loss of income and/or end-of-life expenses. It may prove beneficial to seek the aid of an experienced New Jersey attorney to help begin the workers’ comp filing process. 

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