Man suffers animal bite from loose dog

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Pets can bring joy and love to a family home. However, they can also bring terror to an individual in the event of an unexpected attack. An animal bite can leave lasting impressions, physically, mentally and emotionally. Suffering from an injury caused by an animal can also cause an individual financial repercussion. One New Jersey man is still recovering physically and financially from a dog attack that disfigured his face last year.

Last fall, the man recognized his neighbor’s dog, a male American Bully, running loose in his yard. Since it had not been the first time seeing the dog run free, the man retrieved a leash in an attempt to catch the dog. As the pet was coming dangerously close to his own dogs, the man tried to fasten the leash to the dog’s collar. The animal then lunged at the man’s face, biting his nose and cheeks, causing blood to spill.

It is reported that the man required 60 stitches in his cheeks and surgery on his nose. The man still expects more surgery with a plastic surgeon to reshape his disfigured nose. Since the attack, the man has accumulated tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and not all of it will be covered by insurance.

As the man waits for a court decision on the fate of the dog, he still suffers from the physical and financial consequences of the animal bite. Individuals who have suffered from an animal attack may be entitled to compensation. Seeking the help of a New Jersey attorney to file a civil claim against the animal’s owners would prove beneficial. A successful litigated claim can help in achieving recovery of the financial losses suffered from the attack.

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