Workers’ compensation may help defray accidental death costs

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Some jobs in New Jersey carry risk. Working on cargo ships at the port in New Jersey carries some risk but workers expect safety measures to help ensure their safety on the job. A possible failure of those safety measures recently resulted in the tragic death of a young man from Pennsauken. Such an accident may become a workers’ compensation issue.

The young man was unloading cargo from the ship when he was struck by two falling steel planks. The planks fell off of a forklift according to New Jersey State Police. The boat belongs to a Greek company and was built in 2010. The company is working with local authorities investigating the cause of the accident.

The boat was docked at the Port of Paulsboro which had begun operation in 2017. The area had been vacant for a period of years prior to that. The opening of the port was seen as the beginning of an economic boost to the area.

The sudden death of a loved one in a tragic workplace accident in New Jersey will be a shock to the surviving family and loved ones. The initial concerns will be with funeral planning and the care of the decedent’s surviving family. The family may benefit from seeking the counsel of an attorney experienced in dealing with workers’ compensation issues. The decedent’s survivors may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits resulting from an accidental death in the workplace. These benefits could help with medical costs, funeral expenses and lost wages.


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