Workers’ compensation sought for partial amputation of a finger

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a manufacturing environment carries inherent risks. People in New Jersey who work in such environments trust their employers to provide safety training and safe equipment that is properly maintained. Periodic inspections are required to ensure that equipment remains safe. Workers’ compensation is in place to help protect the worker in the event of an injury.

A pretzel manufacturer in Pennsauken has been cited for failing to conduct safety inspections on their equipment. A worker at the plant recently lost part of a finger while cleaning a piece of equipment that turned on while he was cleaning it. OSHA cited the company for failing to provide lockout/tagout procedures that would prevent equipment from powering on and for failure to provide training for lockout/tagout procedures.

The pretzel company has been cited and fined $206,019 in penalties for the violations. The company had previously been charged with safety violations. The manufacturer has 15 days to comply with the requested changes or to contest the findings. The company can also request an informal review of the findings if they are looking for clarification.

A worker in New Jersey has a right to feel safe in his or her workplace. If a worker suffers an injury while on the job, he or she may wish to seek the counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can review the facts of the case and the circumstances of the injury. The lawyer can then advise the client on what legal paths are available and what the client’s rights are under workers’ compensation law.


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