Car crash fatal for 32-year-old New Jersey man

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2019 | Car Accidents

With a new year comes renewed hope for safer roads and fewer fatalities in New Jersey and across the country. Sadly, the year has begun with fatalities on area road ways. A car crash happened on a recent evening on Route 1.

West Windsor Police, West Windsor Department of Fire and Emergency Services and volunteer fire companies from West Windsor and Princeton all responded to the scene of the crash on Route 1 near the Meadow Road overpass. They were responding to the report of a serious car accident in the area. This was according to a bulletin on the department’s website.

Two vehicles had been traveling northbound on Route 1 when one of them, a grey sedan, struck a concrete barrier and then collided with the other, a silver sedan. The impact caused the silver sedan to hit the concrete barrier where it came to a stop. The other vehicle proceeded to strike and break a utility pole and then hit a tree. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident remains under investigation.

People tend to start the new year full of hope and optimism for a year better than the previous one in New Jersey. When a serious car crash ends in the death of a loved one it is hard to see where that optimism may come from. No one can undo what has already happened, but a successful civil lawsuit against the party deemed responsible can provide compensation for medical costs, final expenses and other verifiable losses.


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