Drunk driving accident takes the life of a motorcyclist

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Attempts to reduce accidents and fatalities related to drunk driving are never ending in New Jersey. A tragic case was recently settled in court. It resulted in substantial jail time for the driver accused of being involved in a drunk driving accident and causing the death of another person.

The driver, a 51-year-old male from Princeton, was accused of driving his car into a motorcycle and killing the rider, who was a 55-year-old man from West Windsor. The accident happened about 1:00 in the afternoon. The driver of the car fled the scene and collapsed in the median a few hundred feet away from the crash.

Pedestrians who were in the area restrained him until police arrived. The motorcyclist died as a result of his injuries. The driver of the car was charged with aggravated manslaughter, reckless death by auto and leaving the scene of an accident. He was sentenced to six years behind bars and must serve 85 percent of the sentence before he is eligible for parole. Once on parole, he will be subject to three years of parole supervision.

Drinking and driving is a lethal combination, and too often, it ends in tragedy. No amount of prosecution or jail time can bring back a loved one lost in a drunk driving accident in New Jersey. Even when a person is penalized for criminal wrongdoing, a civil suit may also be possible against the party deemed responsible. A successfully litigated claim can provide compensation for medical costs, final costs, pain and suffering, and other verifiable losses.


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