Mock crash attempts to deter a DUI accident

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Another school year is coming to an end in New Jersey and that means happy occasions such as proms and graduations are on the horizon. It seems every year these happy occasions are marred by the tragedy of a fatal DUI accident. One school in Warren County is trying to prevent anyone in its student body from becoming another statistic.

A chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions decided to take action in an attempt to make this prom and graduation season a little bit safer. Students participated in a mockup of a crash that could be caused by drunk driving. The mock crash involved multiple students and fake alcohol and blood. In addition, there were bystanders present who described the horrifying moments of the crash.

The students were made up to appear dead and covered in blood as they would be in the aftermath of a fatal accident. Bottles of fake alcohol contributed to the reality of the event. Police officers participated and administered simulated field sobriety tests to survivors. Additional participants included the Franklin Township Fire Department and EMS, as well as paramedics from Hunterdon Medical Center.

Losing a loved one as the result of a DUI accident in New Jersey is a horrible pain to bear. If alcohol was provided by an adult to a person under age, that adult may bear some responsibility for the accident; and any driver whose negligence — whether by the consumption of alcohol or otherwise — materially contributed to the accident may also bear financial responsibility for any injuries suffered, as would the owner of the vehicle involved. Nothing can turn back time and undo the tragedy that occurred. A civil lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible may provide compensation for medical costs, final expenses and other verifiable losses. A consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney can help a person determine if a civil suit is a viable option.


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