An animal bite can forever mar a memory

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Premises Liability

Dogs are described as man’s best friend and they fill any number of functions in people’s daily lives in New Jersey. These functions range from therapy dogs protecting their owners, bomb sniffing dogs protecting troops and the public and companion animals who reward their owners with unconditional love. Dogs are also strong animals and like any other animal, can be somewhat unpredictable in certain situations. If a dog feels threatened, is taken by surprise or is scared, it may bite. An animal bite can be very scary for a person on the receiving end.

In a recent case in Wildwood an 11-year-old was seriously injured when he was bitten in the face. The child reportedly asked for permission to pet the dog but then the dog jumped at him and bit him. The child was walking along the beach with his family when the encounter with the dog took place.

The boy’s injury appeared serious and emergency medical assistance was rendered. The dog and his handler initially fled the scene, but the handler later turned himself in after surveillance video was released. The man turned himself in and was accompanied by an attorney. The dog’s handler has been charged with failure to protect public health and safety and with violation of an ordinance that governs animal presence on the beach. The child’s condition was not known.

A family goes on vacation in New Jersey to enjoy spending time with each other before the start of another busy school year. Having the vacation marred by an animal bite that caused serious injury can forever detract from the memory of the vacation. Seeking counsel from a legal professional in such a situation cannot take away from the pain but a civil lawsuit may provide compensation for medical costs and pain and suffering.


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