Pedestrians are also at risk from a DWI accident

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents

As traffic on New Jersey roadways becomes more congested, it is not only other drivers who see an increase in risks. Pedestrians walking along roadways are also at an increased risk of being struck by passing vehicles. If a driver is drunk and strikes and injures or kills a pedestrian, he runs the risk of being charged with having caused a DWI accident.

There were a number of fatal accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians in recent days. In one incident a gentleman was struck by a car as he crossed Route 42 near Washington Township. This is according to Gloucester County authorities.

The man was crossing the road about midnight when he was struck by a car heading south near Ganttown Road. The man who was hit was transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He died as a result of his injuries. The police detained the man who hit him after pulling him over a short time after the crash and he has been charged with drunk driving. Additional charges are pending as the crash remains under investigation.

A person walking from point A to point B probably does not give a second thought as to whether this will be his or her last walk. With increased traffic, the number of pedestrian fatalities is also on the rise. Losing a loved one in such a horrific DWI accident in New Jersey would be horrible to bare. There is nothing that can turn back time and undo the tragedy but a conversation with a personal injury attorney can inform one as to what legal options may be available.


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