Workers’ compensation rules exist to protect workers

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Risk of injury is inherent to many types of jobs, particularly in the construction and manufacturing fields in New Jersey and elsewhere. Workers’ compensation exists to help cover expenses incurred by workplace injuries or death. An article in USA Today indicated that as many as two deaths per month and two dozen severe injuries occurred in New Jersey each month in 2018.

According to the study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 22 people or more were killed on the job in 2018, and at least 23 fatalities occurred in 2017. The injuries ranged from amputations to the loss of an eye as well as many other debilitating injuries that resulted in a need for inpatient hospital care. Regarding severe injuries, 239 were reported in 2017 and 283 in 2018. The data comes from the OSHA Severe Injury Report database.

OSHA requires that all such deaths and injuries be reported to them in a timely manner. The numbers cited in this article include data regarding deaths and injuries in the private sector. Separate laws govern reporting for public sector incidents involving state, local and county workers in the state of New Jersey.

A person working in construction or manufacturing in New Jersey should not have to worry about how his or her family will be provided for in the event of a serious injury or worse. Anyone with concerns, or who has suffered a debilitating injury, may wish to consult with a personal injury legal professional experienced in workers’ compensation. Such a lawyer can review the situation and advise the client as to his or her legal options.


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