What causes a commercial truck wreck?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Truck Accidents

When passenger cars and commercial vehicles collide, it’s not hard to see why the passenger car can be demolished. After all, the average passenger vehicle only weighs about 5,000 pounds — while the average commercial truck weighs about 40 tons!

Unfortunately, all it takes is one unsafe act by a driver (whether that’s the one in the cab of the truck or the one behind the wheel of the smaller vehicle) to cause a major catastrophe. For the most part, truck accidents are caused by these kinds of issues:

  1. Driver fatigue: The long hours, physical stress and hectic schedules can leave drivers woefully sleep-deprived, and tired drivers make foolish mistakes behind the wheel.
  2. Drugged and drunk drivers: Despite all of the warnings against it and potential consequences, there are truckers who will get behind the wheel while high or drunk.
  3. Distracted driving: Truck drivers are just like everyone else — distracted by everything from their own thoughts to their smartphones. Either way, they often don’t have 100% of their attention where it should be.
  4. Inadequate training: Truckers are in high demand these days, and that’s prompting some companies to put drivers on the open road before they’re ready.
  5. Speeding: The faster that a big rig goes, the more likely the driver will have trouble stopping it or controlling its movements around curves, bridges and valleys. That can easily lead to wrecks, lost loads and rollovers.

Trucking companies are largely responsible for the actions of their drivers, but they don’t like to pay large settlements after accidents. That’s why it’s wise to seek experienced representation for your truck accident claim as soon as possible.


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